Safety Requirements



We want everyone to have a fun bike ride, and we especially want everyone to be safe!  Please allow a safe riding distance near others, and we ask that everyone exercise courtesy and patience during their ride.

The Bike the Bend route will be restricted from motorized traffic, but emergency vehicles and unaware drivers could still be on the route.  We will have a variety of cyclists traveling at different speeds, so the best way to keep yourself and others safe is to remain alert and remember the following:

  • Helmets are required for all participants (including children in carrier seats and carts)
  • Follow the instructions given to you by the safety officers and Bike the Bend volunteers along the route.
  • Signal your intentions to stop, change lanes or slow down. When you stop, get as far to the right as possible and get off the route.
  • Be alert for overtaking cyclists and give them room to pass.
  • Pass other cyclists on the left by giving an audible warning such as a ringing a bell or calling out “excuse me, passing on your left”. Wait for a reaction before passing.
  • Ride at a safe speed with due regard for your fellow cyclists.
  • Do not wear headphones.
  • Yield to pedestrians


Since Bike the Bend is a special community event, some residents and drivers may be surprised to see so many bicyclists.  Let's remeber to say "Hello" and wave to motorists and others along the route.

Riders Safety Pledge

I pledge to ride in a safe, courteous manner. I will obey all applicable traffic laws and accept direction from area police and Bike the Bend volunteers. I acknowledge that my safety, and the safety of others, depends on me.

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