What makes Bike the Bend different from other bike rides?

Bike the Bend celebrates family, friends and community with a leisurely bike tour for all ages and skill levels.  The vehicle-restricted streets and trails allow riders to bicycle side-by-side and enjoy each other as they follow the route across St. Joseph County from St. Patrick’s County Park along the St. Joseph River through parks, urban venues, distinctive neighborhoods and IUSB. Riders start and stop whenever they choose and may ride as little or as much as they choose.

How will my registration money be used? 

In 2011 community support and registration fees covered the majority of expenses for Bike the Bend.  Within 5 years, Bike the Bend expects to be self-sustaining with 6,000 registered riders.  Excess revenues will be used to promote bicycle safety and awareness programs and to encourage more bicycling opportunities in our community.

Do I have to ride the full route?

No, that is the beauty of Bike the Bend.  You may ride as much of the route or as little as you like between 6:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.  The course is designed to appeal to all levels of riders.  Registered participants may start their ride anywhere along the route.  Those registering the day of the event may do so at designated SAG stops.

My children are riding in a trailer or in bike safety seats.  Do I need to register them?

Yes, all riders need to be registered to participate in Bike the Bend.  There is no registration fee for children age 17 or under, but a parent or guardian does need to complete a registration and waiver form for each child.  Registration is available online or by contacting Bike the Bend at 574 204-2458.

What do I get for registering to ride in Bike the Bend?

You will have a unique bicycling opportunity to ride side-by-side on vehicle restricted streets.  You will also receive a rider wristband, rider map and access to all SAG stops and the post-ride festival.

Quality wicking t-shirts are available for purchase.

The biggest benefit is the opportunity to be a part of an awesome event in our community!

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