Bike the Bend in the Community

Bike the Bend continues the vision of Louise Addicott by bringing together family, friends and community to celebrate the beauty and variety of our neighborhoods and recreational opportunities.  We work year round to support and encourage biking and a family-friendly, active lifestyle.

Bike the Bend Cyclers Clubs meet after school to encourage children to ride bicycles to school and for fun. The Cyclers meet after school each week beginning in mid-April for short bike rides in the neighborhood. We hope the Cyclers  Clubs will encourage riding with family and friends for fun as well as participating in Bike the Bend.

The ReCyclers Earn a Bike program presented the first bikes to neighborhood kids who had worked with a firefighter at the Central Fire Station in South Bend.  Bike the Bend, the Reducing Obesity Coalition collaborated with the South Bend Fire Department to collect bikes, train firefighters to repair bikes and work one-on-one with the kids who learned to repair and eventually earned their bike.The Firefighters Union 362 along with Spin Zone Cycling and The Avenue Bike Station contributed their time to train firefighters in bicycle repair as well as donating parts and supplies.  Special thanks to Batalion Chief Dave Manhout, Central Fire Station, coordinator of the program. This program distributes donated, used bicycles to under-served children in the community. The children volunteer their time to help repair the bicycle and learn basic maintainence skills.  After working with the fire fighter for several sessions, the child has 'earned' the bike. The first year of the program, six children earned bicycles through the ReCyclers program.  574 Cycling, an area women's cycling group made a generous donation to the program enabling the families of the ReCyclers to ride together in Bike the Bend.


ReCyclers Demario (above) and Kayla, Milea and Corey (below) earned their bikes and also received a family gift certificate for Bike the Bend, June 8, 2014. 

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